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LIFE CIRCLES: International Spiritual Formation

Resources to Help You Commune with God


The goal of spiritual formation is to develop practices that help us recognize God’s presence and sense God’s voice. We want to know God personally, not just know facts about him. Everything is grounded in the Bible and Christian community.

These practices are easy and the resources are free. Download and copy as many as you need.


Through a series of eight sessions, you will learn:

  • Simple practices to grow in your awareness of God
    Including silence, breath prayers, praying Scripture, gospel contemplation, and the ancient Prayer of Exame
  • How to create a safe space where you can share what is truly in your soul, including:

How to listen without hurry, judging or trying to fix people or their problems
How to ask inviting questions
Learning to truly keep confidences


Click on the icons below to download your free copies.


Each video is 3-6 minutes long and introduces a Spiritual Formation Practice associated with that session.  You do not have to be in a group to watch the videos.  If you are a group facilitator, you can use the video to prepare, or show it to participants during the session.  The introductory video on how to lead a group, can also be shown during Session 8 to encourage participants to facilitate new groups. Videos are currently available in English and Portuguese.



INTRO: How to Lead a Spiritual Formation Group
SESSION ONE: Listening Skills
SESSION TWO: Silence and Breath Prayer
SESSION THREE: Praying Scripture
SESSION FOUR: Gospel Contemplation
SESSION FIVE: Questions of Invitation
SESSION SIX: Prayer of Examen


Each has information and links to these and other free Spiritual Formation resources, such as Phone apps, YouTube videos, downloads, and online courses. (Available in English and Portuguese.)

Want to try new ways to pray?
Interested in contemplative ways of reading the Bible?
Want to learn more about recognizing the voice of God?
General Spiritual Formation Resources