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How it all started

Society is broken in a lot of ways but one of those ways is a broken view of women. This causes all sorts of issues due to body image pressure, sexism, misogyny or being treated as possessions or objects. This broken view also ends up in barriers limiting women’s voices, opportunities and education.
This can cause a woman to struggle with lack of self-confidence, wondering if she has what it takes, lacking the view of herself that God has dreamed for her from the beginning of creation. Each of God’s women ought to be able to live out who God designed her to be.
We don’t want you to feel alone. We don’t want you to feel like you don’t matter. We want you to know that you have it what it takes to live out what God has created you to be. You are part of a huge tribe of women who understand! We are a community of support where you can find encouragement to live a life of vibrant faith in Jesus who will give you all you need to thrive! We encourage you to be part of the community of Baptist women who will cheer you on in this pursuit and who will resource you because really, we are stronger together!
At The Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, New York
New Horizons for girls project
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Connecting and resourcing you so you can THRIVE!

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A Message from our President

Vision of BWA Women

We, as BWA Women, feel the pain of women being hindered. Our desire is to see them thriving!

Every woman finding her true worth and strength in Christ.

We want every one of us to find our true worth, identity, strength and transformation in Christ as we understand more of his unconditional love for us.

Every woman living out all God made her to be and do.

This results from the foundation of #1 above.

This will help her thrive and as every woman thrives, everyone benefits.

We believe God will work through us as we thrive in this way and His kingdom will be strengthened.


Each Continental Union is represented by a different color which represents the diversity of the women connected around the world. Each Continental Union is not a pillar, standing alone, but rather, all the Continental Unions are intertwined together, as Baptist World Alliance Women. Our beautiful diversity is unified around our love for Jesus Christ which is represented by the white cord which wraps us all together. Together, we are helping women thrive through connections and resourcing.


We are ready to serve you

J. Merritt Johnston (USA)

J. Merritt Johnston (USA)

Executive Director


Karen Wilson (Australia)

Karen Wilson (Australia)



Sherrie Cherdak (USA)

Sherrie Cherdak (USA)

BWA Women Secretary/Treasurer