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Here are just a few Baptist women’s stories

“It was so great! It was challenging and motivating!”


Pakistan, Arovi attended the online Leadership Training that has been initiated by Baptist Women of North America.

“I am fully connected to Baptist women in my area and am being guided well. I recently completed a discipleship training which lasted 18 months and things are going on well as I am in a great network or organized women.”


Uganda, Jacqueline has a longing to be connected to a group of Baptist women. She contacted the global office. The global office contacted the president of our African branch who contacted the president in Tanzania who invited Jacqueline to the Eastern African Conference, and also contacted the president in Uganda. The president in Uganda then contacted Jacqueline and got her in touch with a local church.

“We have no road connections so our main transport system is small planes or sometimes we walk. We trained nine women leaders representing their local associations which is about 20-26 local churches in an association. So with all of our hearts we are thankful for all our sisters out there in the world for your love, your prayers and continuous support.”


Papua New Guinea, As a result of Day of Prayer offerings, their group received a grant to purchase and deliver peanut mills to provide young children with more nourishment.

“It truly is remarkable how God gathered us together last year and we formed this loving bond. Look how everyone is flourishing and working God’s plan out…So exciting!”

California, USA, This was expressed ten months after their trip to New York.

“It was just a short trip to NY but God wove our hearts together so tightly! My heart swells with joy over the amazing things God is doing among us…The Lord has blessed us with each other. I’ll be thanking God for each of you today and asking for a special measure of His blessings on each of us as we go forward!”

New Brunswick, Canada, This was expressed ten months after their trip to New York.

There are many stories from women of how they have been encouraged and blessed by participating in the Baptist Women’s Worl d Day of Prayer but for a taste of that experience, read the short article about a Day of Prayer experience that was held at Baylor University in Texas, USA. Baylor third year student, Evelyn Ofong, said, ““It was edifying to see diverse women coming together in prayer — women who represented different ethnic, geographic, socioeconomic and age groups,” Ofong said. “Praying during the pandemic was especially powerful. As women prayed for regions and parts of the world, the different accents and expressions of prayer reminded me of how different this world is; however, God is the same Father of all.”