Next Generation Leaders


Across Latin America and the world, God is raising up the next generation of leaders to advance the Great Commission.

Through your generous gift to the 2023 Day of Prayer Offering, you are helping support leadership development and mentoring in Latin America as well as an Uptick global cohort of women leaders.

BWA Women offers the Uptick experience specifically to young women called to ministry in a global setting, working across languages, cultures, and nations; collaborating with others on global issues; or developing resources to address global and national issues. Through a nine-month process, Uptick Global leaders guide these women in exploring greater insights into their own lives and leadership, gaining wisdom from mentors and peers, and developing global leadership intelligence.

“Being a part of the Uptick program was a great blessing and joy to me. Each session, topics, and discussions were very practical and helpful. It is my prayer and desire to be in the center of the Lord’s will, to keep my focus on Him, and be a willing and ready vessel to be used by God for His Kingdom. It is my prayer and desire to live a life that people will see Jesus in me and will glorify my Father who is in Heaven.”

Narine Georgvian | Armenia

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September 1, 2023